The Star Wars Holiday Special

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    Lucasfilm and CBS
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    the Star Wars fans in favor of total media availability
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In 1978 the Star Wars Holiday Special aired one, and only one time. It was perhaps one of the most disasterous made for television programs ever to hit the air waves - so bad that that even George Lucas himself would not own up to it. This film has never aired since its' original debut in 1978 - and has never been released in a home video version. In the years since, many Star Wars fans have had to resort to buying bootleg copies of the 90 minute variety show - often times paying a considerable amount for the minimum in picture quality. It's time that this stopped, and that Lucasfilm and CBS begin production on a legitimate home video version of the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, so that it will be available for a whole new generation of Star Wars fans to watch and enjoy.