Save the ocean's mammals, Stop Navy Sonar Testing!

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    Stop Navy Sonar Testing
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    Participants Helping To Save The Oceans
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I've created this petition on behalf of Earth's mammals, creatures that can't speak for themselves. Their cries for help are never heard. So I would like to speak for them! I beleive Navy Sonar Testing should be put to an end. It's wrong and it's killing our oceans beautiful creatures. Can you hear the dolphins cry? Imagine your cries not being heard. Can you imagine living underwater, depending on your hearing for survival? Then hear a sound that deafened you? This also causes internal bleeding. This is killing our sea creatures. It's wrong and it's an act of violence. Join me, and let your voice be heard! Please sign this petition, and get as many people as you can to help try to put an end to the killing of earth's mammals.