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Against Sony plagerism

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    Sony entertainment
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On Monday May 8th, around 2.00 am Gmt time, Sony Playstation entertainment revealed in their E3 press conference the re-designing of their infamous 'handle-bar' controller. They, it appeared resorted to the same design which has been used for the past two generations, the classic duel-shock (or what became the duel-shock in generation 2). But that was not to be all it appeared, Sony announced 'tilt-sensored controllers' the Sony controller is effectively the same as the right Nintendo Wii controller known as the 'nunchuk.'

Now whether or not, you deem this as huge this is without a doubt an imitation of Nintendo's technology and afterall imitation is the best compliment... but what right does a gaming giant like Sony have to steal even the smallest aspect of gaming technology? (I do not even have to mention their version of xbox live revealed).

So as a concerned fanboy, I ask those of you who atleast sympathize with Nintendo's cause and Sony's 'ploy' to sign this petition. We won't stop this giant, but we most certainly can slow it down and make people aware of this fact.

Nintendo will always be the innovators. Show your support!

- Xsasuke (a concerned fanboy).