Citizens calling for the arrest of George Soros for Treason.

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    U.S. Congress
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    Anyone on the internet who is a U.S.citizen.
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The purpose of this petition is to prove to the government of the United States of America that there is a WILL OF THE PEOPLE to have the below stated danger to our nation neutralized & dealt with in a prompt, legal and correct manner.
This petition is OUR wish & opinion that there is SUFFICIENT PROOF according to the laws of this nation that he is to be arrested on the charges of Treason, Collusion, Attempting to over-throw the Government of the United States by buying influence(per RICO), & giving aid to OTHERS assisting him. Those to be named later.

The KNOWN THREAT to our nation is the financial, political, & fanatical Marxist beliefs of GEORGE SOROS, Multi-Billionare, and Citizen of these United States of America.
He is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the collapse of the currencies in the countries of Greece, United Kingdom, & Spain. His "Weapon of Choice" is the Hedge Fund System.
He also is the major contributor & financier of ALL major Liberal entities such as the Joyce Foundation and National Public Radio.

As a millionaire, he uses his money to BUY the INFLUENCE he wants at EVERY level of local, state, and federal government. He is the SINGLE, LARGEST DANGER to the nation in this century.

YOUR SIGNATURE is your way of telling the government that YOU want this person STOPPED for the crimes he is commiting against OUR nation & the damage he is causing. And that YOU want him held TOTALLY & COMPLETELY RESPONSABLE for the effects thereof.