Help to get the anime series "Samurai Pizza Cats" on VHS / DVD!

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    Fox Family Worldwide / Saban International / Fox Home Entertainment
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    The fans of 'Samurai Pizza Cats'
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"Samurai Pizza Cats" was an anime series that was dubbed by Saban Entertainment in the early 1990s and has been seen in at least a dozen countries worldwide, including the USA, Canada, and the UK. It has been off the air in most places since 1997 when Saban International, the company that dubbed the series, merged with Fox / News Corp.

52 episodes were dubbed in total. 48 of them were shown in Canada, 40 in the USA, and all 52 in the UK. Thus fans in some countries were missing out on some episodes, some of which were dropped due to censoring.

The goal of this petition is to let Fox / News Corp, more specifically, Fox Family Worldwide, know that "Samurai Pizza Cats" should get re-issued onto VHS videotapes and DVDs. If possible, all 52 of the episodes that were dubbed for original broadcast, meaning it would be a multi-volume series of videos/DVDs like with most anime TV series. (DBZ, Gundam Wing, Slayers, etc).

By signing this petition, you are stating that you would like to see SPC get a re-issue, and that if you did see it at your favorite video/DVD or anime retailer, that you would consider purchasing it.