Chad's Law

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    State of Georgia House, Senate, and Governor's Office
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Trooper Chadwick Lecroy was tragically gunned down on December 27th, 2010 by Gregory Favors, who was a multiple times over convicted felon. The offender was on probation at the time of the incident and had been arrested while on probation multiple times, yet he was still allowed to be on the streets among the public.

With the death of Trooper Chadwick Lecroy, it has become apparent our justice system is failing the public and Law Enforcement alike. There is no reason why this criminal should have been out on the streets. It is time the law is changed. Probationers are frequently given way too much leinecy when it comes to Violations of Probation. We would like to see the law changed in the following ways:

1) If someone is on ANY probation and violates the law by commiting another crime, they are under NO circumstances given a bond until they see the judge who placed them on probation in the first place.

2) If they are on any type of Felony probation and violate any law of this state outside of minor traffic offenses, the entire balance of their probation should be revoked with no questions asked. Too frequently judges show leinency for criminals who have no intent of obeying the law. After all, probation was leinent enough.

3) O.R. or "Signature Bonds" should be outlawed for any previously convicted felon or anyone who is on probation of any type currently.

4) We would also like to see some type of money from probation fees go to a Fallen Officer Fund to help the families of fallen officers.