Dihydrous Monoxide: The Colorless Menace

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Dihydrous monoxide, or DHMO, is a colorless, odorless chemical, which has been deemed harmless by the Bush administration. This means that big corporations can dump as much as they want into our water supply. Yet, despite this status, the military has spent billions of dollars building and designing weapons to harness this chemical. Prolonged exposure to its solid form can cause severe tissue damage, and in its liquid form, it causes millions of dollars worth of damage every year and claims thousands of lives. Mixed with oxygen, it can become a powerful corrosive agent. Some symptoms of DHMO ingestion include bloating, excessive urination, and even vomiting.

Here is a partial list of places DHMO can be found:

* most household chemicals, including floor cleaners, pesticides, and other poisons

* excised tumors from terminal cancer patients

* many types of industrial chemicals

* several types of chemical weapons

* fire retardants

* several different types of junk food

* baby foods and baby formulas

At this time, there is not a single body of water on Earth that is not polluted with this dangerous chemical. The time for action is NOW!! If you want to get involved, please sign the petition!