Ban Shirley Q. Liquor

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    Those who book Charles Knipp's to perform Shirley Q Liquor and to Gay America
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Charles Knipps is a white gay male who performs in blackface and describes his character Shirley Q. Liquor, an African-American woman, as a welfare mother with nineteen kids who guzzles malt liquor, and drives a Caddy. According to Rolling Stone Magazine, he makes between $70k-$90k a year to perform this character for gay men, rednecks, and their moms. His biggest supporters are the gay community, which routinely books him to perform at gay pride celebrations and gay nightclubs throughout the country.

Considering the discrimination that LGBT people continue to face in this country, and in light of Gay Americas outrage over actor Isaiah Washingtons alleged homophobia, gay America is being hypocritical in its support for Charles Knipps character Shirley Q. Liquor.

We The Undersigned, fully support the banning of blackface performances that mock the plight and lives of African-American men and women. Charles Knipps performance as Shirley Q. Liquor is demeaning and humiliating and continues to perpetuate the most negative stereotypes of Blacks and further divides the American people.