Sociologists without Borders Calls for Arizona Boycott

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    Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
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    Sociologists Without Borders
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Sociologists without Borders (SSF) strongly condemns Arizona Law SB1070 which requires police officers to request documentation from persons who they believe may be undocumented immigrants. SSF calls on state and federal authorities to prevent the law from going into effect. In addition, SSF will refrain from holding any meetings or soliciting the services of any entity, public or private, located in the state of Arizona. We call on SSF members and Sociologists to boycott travel to or soliciting the services of entities located in the state of Arizona unless absolutely necessary until the law is repealed or deemed unconstitutional.

SSF believes that Arizona Law SB1070 is a form of racial profiling and discrimination because officers will likely rely on appearance, phenotypes, language and accents to make judgments that will lead to the unnecessary harassment or detention of US citizens and residents, including SSF members and other Sociologists. SSF does not tolerate racial profiling or discrimination in the United States or elsewhere.

SSF recognizes that this law is part of a larger trend of discrimination against immigrants in the state of Arizona. We regret this trend and encourage local, national and international efforts to intervene through the use of non-violent tactics such as political organizing and economic boycotts. Matters of enforcement for immigration law is best handled by authorities that are specifically trained for this purpose and should remain that way in the state of Arizona. We regret that SB1070 was signed into law and hope that it is quickly repealed or deemed unconstitutional.