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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited (SCEE) released SingStar for the PlayStation 3 (developed by London Studios) on December 7th in the UK, and other major European countries.

Since launch there have been a number of issues concerning customers who purchased the game.

The facts

  • Network outages - For the first week of launch, the game was plagued with an almost unusable online mode. There was no news from the developers for the cause of this and no reassurance to customers available via their customer support phone number. Although these problems have now been mostly fixed, there are still some network outage issues that occur for users without explanation.

  • Lack of SingStore updates - One of the main features of SingStar for the PlayStation 3 is it's online iTunes-style download service, SingStore. Since launch, most European countries where the game is being distributed are yet to receive a working SingStore (despite their packaging stating that this is a feature of the game, users are presented with a 'coming soon' message). In the U.K, where the SingStore is operational, there has to date (Jan 12th 2008) been 1 update to the store since the games launch, and there are a total of 62 songs available for download.

  • False advertising - Text within the games online user interface itself, states that there are "hundreds of songs available for download". Sony's own product pages on (official product page) also state that users can "Download the entire PlayStation 2 back catalogue of more than 300 songs". Current users of the game believe this is false advertising.

  • Lack of community news - All of the above have been made worse by the complete lack of news for customers. Customer service phone numbers provide no useful information at all. The game even has a news feature within it, which could be used to advise users about when they will receive a SingStore update. Even a simple acknowledgement of a problem and a friendly "we're working on it" would be enough in some cases to reassure customers that their new game will work properly soon enough, with the features they expected when they bought it.

This petition has been created to highlight the number of users who are unhappy with this game, in the hope of raising awareness, perhaps getting the message through to the developers of the game.

Overall, users of SingStar PS3 love their game. They'd just like a bit more communication, reassurance and support from its makers - and less of the false advertising & promises.