Issuance of a Coal Miner's Commemorative Postage Stamp

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    Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee
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We, the undersigned citizens, call upon your committee to approve and issue a commemorative postage stamp that will honor coal miners. It is long overdue that recognition be given to this profession and the importance that the mining industry played in our historical and cultural heritage. Mining has contributed much to the industrial progress and economic development of the United States from fueling early naval vessels to the current generation of at least 57\% of our nations electricity.

The miners of this country:
- With boundless energy rise to the occasion to fuel the industrial growth
of the United States.
- Instill basic work ethics that were, and are, passed down to their
children and grandchildren.
- Work long hours in dangerous conditions for little recognition.
- Overcame struggles and made enormous sacrifices to assist this nation in its development.

In the past:
- Were fatally injured in mines with little recognition of their passing
or to the widows and orphans who survived them.
- Were maimed for life losing their ability to work and provide for
their families receiving little or no compensation for their injuries.
- Were inflicted with Black Lung Disease from breathing coal dust during
their workday.
- Were sometimes boys as young as eight who were deprived of their
childhood to work in the mines.

We, the undersigned, implore positive action to the timely issuance of a postage stamp to recognize this group of men. Such a gesture of issuing a commemorative stamp is long overdue to the men and their families who came to America seeking a better life. This profession has in the past and continues at the present time to contribute much to the strength of our Nation. It is our duty to honor them with the dignity they deserve.