A Common Sense Solution to Standing at Football Matches

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    The Football Licensing Authority
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We the undersigned, call upon the Football Licensing Authority, Local Authorities, and football clubs, to work in partnership with supporters, to resolve the problems related to standing at football matches.

We recognize that many supporters prefer to stand, as this helps to create the unique atmosphere of British football. We also appreciate that some supporters prefer to sit, and do not wish their view to be blocked by those in front standing.

We are concerned that sanctions threatened by the FLA, such as reduced capacities, will affect all supporters, and that restricted ticket allocations for away matches could lead to visitors obtaining tickets in home areas, with the potential for disorder.

We ask that decisions as to the acceptability of standing be based on objective safety assessments at each ground, to be undertaken with the involvement of supporters.

We consider that in most cases there is no significant safety risk from supporters standing in front of their allocated seats.

We consider that any solution should provide choice, by agreeing areas for supporters who wish to stand, and for those who prefer to sit.

We would like to see standing accepted in these areas, for a trial period of at least one season.

We are prepared to adhere to a reasonable code of conduct in relation to standing in seated areas.