Linux/Macintosh Steam client

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    Valve Corporation
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    Red Orchestra community and gamers in general
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Here by, I speak on behalf of the Red Orchestra: Ostfront 1941-1945 community which demands a multi-operating system compatible Steam client.

Not only in profit for just Red Orchestra, but Steam in general.

This would mean for Tripwire Interactive to be able to create a multi-operating-system game, but it could also help future game developers to port their game over or to even create Linux or Macintosh games.

In light of the upcoming release of Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 over the Steam Network, we encourage Valve to develop and release a Linux authentication client to allow current Linux players to purchase and play natively Red Orchestra and any other games available for Linux and download through Steam.

Tripwire Interactive has previously released both Mac and Linux executables for the Mod version of Red Orchestra, and states they would release them for the commercial Red Orchestra: Ostfront if Valve releases an authentication capable client for these operating systems.

A surprising segment of the Red Orchestra community runs Linux and Mac OS. As you know, there is a dearth of game titles available for Linux and Mac, and little shelf space available in retail outlets. Steam would be the perfect distribution system to channel this untapped market.