For a change of VAC ban policies

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    Valve Corporation
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We are individuals who wish for the Valve Corporation to lift all VAC bans and institute another policy in it's place.
We wish for this not because we wont to cheat when playing online games on steam, but because VAC is NOT perfect. Many have been baned from a game they love because they might have downloaded a skin or a mod that unknown to them has been maliciously packed with a hack to get said person VAC banned. This has to be taken into consideration by a company that has the great support for it's mod community such as Valve.
Some who wish to play 3rd party mods that Valve supports and in fact promotes in their steam clients, might download a bad copy of that mod that has been hacked maliciously to contain a file that will get the player VAC banned.
We who sign this petition do not make threat to boycott Valve, nor we make threat to make malice against the Valve Corporation or it's employees if we don't get what we are asking for.
We are only imploring the Valve Corporation to take into consideration what we are now asking of them, and act on their better judgment to support their loyal customers who have been, to no fault of their own, the victims of circumstances. To allow the customer an opportunity to fix errors as described and problems unknown to us at this time that might get us unjustly banned from the use of VAC servers. That this might be done in anyway that Valve can manage. If it be a probation period, a three strike rule, or any other that notifies the customer that they may potentially be banned, and allows them an opportunity to expunge the problem files from their system, thus still putting the responsibility of proper and fair game play on the user, and keeping them responsible for the files on their computer and the people they let use their account.
We thank any member of the Valve Corporation who has taken the time to read and consider what we have now put forth to them, as well to all those who have taken the time do the same, even if they do not agree or wish to sign.