Complete release of James Horner's scores to the Star Trek films

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    GNP Crescendo
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    Soundtrack enthusiasts, Star Trek fans
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I, and my fellow petitioners, would like to see a complete/expanded release of James Horner's score to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

This idea originally came from a posting on, where posters voiced their support for a possible 2-CD set of James Horner's Star Trek film scores (URL = It was proposed to make the CDs available in "limited" fashion, either in quantity or availability. To help assuage the re-use and production costs, we recommend a price range of around $30-$35. Obviously, those that are interested in the score would be willing to pay the extra monies involved for the added music.

The grievous exclusion of pieces such as "Enterprise Attacks Reliant" and "Spock's Death" from ST2 and "A Fighting Chance to Live" and "Genesis Destroyed" from ST3 must be corrected. Reviews on of both of Horner's scores praise the score for its greatness, but also impugn it for its lack of certain key cues from the movie. Thus, the purpose of this petition is for GNP Crescendo, and its associates, to recognize the great material that has been left off of both of its commercial releases and to produce a more complete version of both scores.