Responsible Stimulus Reform

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    US Congress and the Executive Office
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    All US Citizens
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We the People of this United States of America hereby demand that the US Congress and the Executive Branch cease and desist in moving forward with the current stimulus package. The bill is full of spending that does not create jobs and we will not have our country crippled by this debt that does nothing to aid the current economic climate.

The people demand that all items be presented with an explanation as to how the money will be spent, allocated, and what jobs will be created as a result. Each proposal must meet criteria to be established and the cost benefit analysis must be within the national standard guidelines of a sound business decision.

In the interim, to stimulate the economy immediately, every person and company that filed Federal income tax returns for 2007 will be refunded 25\% of actual tax dollars paid into the government. This refund of actual taxes paid will NOT be considered taxable income for any future returns, state or Federal. People that did not pay taxes will not receive a check.

All foreclosures, repossessions, court assessed fees, evictions, and debt collection will cease for 120 days to allow time for refunds to be issued.

The IRS will hire people currently unemployed from job cuts as temporary employees and will process refunds in 8 hour shifts running 24/7.

This is a bi-partisan effort by the PEOPLE to demand responsibility and accountability from Washington.