Save Catskill Park and Belleayre Mountain

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    Governor Eliot Spitzer
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    Groups and individuals united to save Catskill Park and Belleayre mountain
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To: Governor Eliot Spitzer,
NYSDEC Commissioner Alexander Grannis,
Local, County, State, and Federal Permitting Agencies

We, the undersigned citizens concerned about the far-reaching and irreparable damage the proposed Belleayre Resort at Catskill Park would do to our environment, our homes, our water supply, our economy, and our way of life, do hereby strongly declare our opposition to the development of this mega-resort in the heart of the Catskill Mountains as proposed in the Agreement in Principle effected under the auspices of your office and negotiated with developer Crossroads Ventures, LLC, and partners Dean Gitter, Emily Fisher and Ken Pasternak.
We continue to oppose the devastation this mega-resort and its high elevation buildings and roads would wreak on the magnificent view shed and night sky of these mountains, on the constitutionally protected forever wild State Forest Preserve and the Catskill Park;
We continue to oppose the creation of what would effectively be a new city wholly inconsonant with the surrounding hamlets, with the character of the community, and the intimate hospitality the region has traditionally offered to visitors;
We continue to oppose the destruction of Belleayre Ridge and Highmount through the clear-cutting, bulldozing, and blasting that would take place during the construction of this mega-resort;
We oppose the damage to a unique eco-system and to its thriving habitat, plant and animal life, and we fear the danger of excessive flooding that this environmental destruction will exacerbate, threatening our homes and property;
We continue to oppose the compromising of our water resources, which also supply pure, unfiltered drinking water to downstate residents including New York City, through the deforestation, erosion, construction blasting, risk of toxic substances entering surface and ground water in stormwater runoff, and the excessive draining of our aquifer;
We continue to oppose the negative consequences we believe this development would bring to our economy and our way of life: a sudden and disproportionate population growth exacerbating the current crisis in affordable housing, the potential for uncontrollable secondary growth, a spike in property taxes that could displace many homeowners, pressures on our property values, traffic congestion that would adversely affect business and commerce, rapid and radical change that could imperil the core strength of local communities;
We continue to oppose the use of our taxpayer dollars to provide incentives including ski lifts and snowmaking to a private, for-profit developer, and we oppose the granting of special access to a public ski center for users of a private, for-profit facility;
We continue to oppose the loss of this storied WILD PLACE, historic for its early preservation by the People of New York in our State Constitution, that is a prized, irreplaceable asset belonging to all the people of New York, in order to provide financial gain for a few;
We therefore petition you, Governor Eliot Spitzer, DEC Commissioner Alexander Grannis, and all local, county, state, and Federal permitting agencies to reject and deny all applications relating to the revised proposed Belleayre Resort at Catskill Park.