Stop the Internet 'Kill-Switch' Bill

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The internet has provided all of us with a great freedom; the freedom to express ourselves without coercion on a global level. The internet makes our culture more transparent and allows us investigate matters for ourselves. We no longer need to rely on the commercial media who have long since fallen under the influence of men with very deep pockets; we have the independence and autonomy to think for ourselves.

The freedom of information we see on the internet is pure democracy, or at least as close as we have come to a pure form of democracy. Information is available to all, rich or poor. It is written by people, for people - think of Wikipedia and Project Gutenberg and Source-Forge and WikiLeaks. These commons-based projects rely on the absence of heavy regulation and restriction. If any single individual has the power to stop all of this, with his finger hovering over the kill-switch, then we can kiss this freedom goodbye.

This petition takes aim at the 'Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010' or the Kill-Switch bill. If you enjoy using the internet without Big Brother leaning over your shoulder, sign this petition. If you value free expression without any form of coercion, sign this petition. If you want to keep the internet out of the hands of Joe Lieberman and Jay Rockefeller, sign this petition. Too much is at stake for us to look away this time, so exercise your right to free speech will you still can and help us keep the internet free from autocracy.