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The process by which the continents drift about the world is called plate tectonics. The movement of the Earth's plates, on which the continents ride, is very slow, being only a few centimeters each year. However, those few centimeters can be deceiving. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are childs play compared to the real dangers of continental drifting. Here are just a few reasons we should band together a put a stop to this evil doing.
1. Menudo is no longer a band due to Continental Drifting.
2. My girlfriend sucks in bed because of Continental Drifting.
3. Synchronized Swimming is an Olympic Event due to Continental Drifting.
4. Gary Coleman is short because of Continental Drifting.
The madness has to END NOW. Help us help you. Continental Drifting cannot be allowed to go on. Sign our petition and visit to see if you can help. We CANNOT do this alone (a tear falls on my keyboard). DO IT FOR THE KIDS!