Stop "Hot Ghetto Mess" before it starts!!

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okay...people...the time has come for us to say NO!!!! why do we need another show displaying Black people in a negative light. Why do we need to see the worst of our people every rip? it amazes me that there are so many positive things people are doing, but there seems to only be a showcasing of all that is negative. NO MORE HOT GHETTO MESS, NO MORE Flavor of Love's, NO MORE I love New Yorks, how long must we continue the minstrel show? I am tired of watermelon eating dancing shucking and jiving idiots on television. Why can't we showcase the students that are working hard to get their degrees, single parents struggling to make sure that they make a way for their families, elderly people that are living and surviving on their own. People that have overcome something in life. Not people that are fallen into the stereotypes that are already being manifested in the world. It is 2007 and its time to move from what has worked before to what will work today. gone are the days of saying somebaody needs to do are the only somebody that can effect the world in which YOU live!
Viacom/BET we are no longer going to sit patiently by and let you make Black people look like buffoons, it was not funny before, not funny today, but today we collectively say NO!

if not today then when, if not you, then who will take up the cause and lead your people out of bondage, both mental and physical?!?