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We, The Undersigned Declare;

Surface, an American science-fiction serial which began broadcasting on the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) in the fall of 2005 is an asset to the NBC programming lineup. We are concerned that NBC, innocently unaware of the programs popularity and appeal, may choose to drop the series from its lineup before a second season can be properly produced or aired. Surface has proven that, in this age of reality television, masterfully-executed, visually stunning and meticulously plotted fictional dramas can still be produced for, and appreciated by, the television audience. After only fourteen episodes were aired, Surface has attracted a large and devoted fan base who appreciates the vast, complex and over-arching plot devices, non-linear character development and unanticipated, yet logical, story developments (such as the tsunami of episode 14) which make the series not just a television show you watch casually; but as a true movie-quality experience. In less than one year, the writers, producers, actors and other crew of the series have successfully crafted a story so grand in scale as to make Surface a program worthy of note and praise. Not allowing Surface to continue weaving the captivating narrative web it has begun would be a disservice to fans, the network and television itself. Thus, we declare that NBC seriously consider allowing Surface to return to the network for a proper subsequent seasons so that this great story is not silenced before it can be fully told.