Speedvision & NASCAR programming

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This petition is intended to discourage FOX television from transforming the newly-purchased Speedvision network into an all-NASCAR channel. We understand the significant investment FOX has made in promoting stock car racing, but we do ask that changes made to the format of the network be made with a minimal amount of disruption to the other outstanding programming presently shown on the totally unique Speedvision network. Speedvision provides a crucial service to the motorsports community, being the only cable or broadcast TV network in America to provide in-depth coverage of Formula 1, vintage, motorcycle, sports car and endurance racing, as well as amateur and other lesser-known series and events such as FIA and SCCA rallies, Trans-Am, and the annual SCCA Valvoline Runoffs. This seasons flag-to-flag coverage of the Daytona, Sebring and LeMans endurance races was a rare blessing for racing fans. It would be a crime for this outstanding coverage to no longer be available to the growing motorsports community of this country. We ask FOX for caution, moderation and fairhandedness as they reformat this new addition to their fine news, sports and entertainment network.