Lea & Perrins Sweet 'n Spicy Steak Sauce

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As loyal consumers (and their supporters) of your Sweet n Spicy Steak Sauce, we are extremely disappointed that you have discontinued the production of this product. This sauce was very popular with many people, and those of us who used it religiously were quite satisfied in making it our only sauce, accepting no substitutes. Now that it is no longer produced, we are at a loss, as we feel that no other steak sauce can properly fill its void, including those that you produce. Please consider bringing this product back to market so all of us can enjoy the Sweet n Spicy sauce again. If you are still reluctant to widely release this sauce again, please at least consider the idea of selling the sauce wholesale direct from the factory to those of us who would gladly pay a premium for it.

Thank you so much for your time and your consideration for the return of this fabulous product. We, your customers, feel that you would do a great justice in bringing it back.