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Symbian^3 and Symbian^4 updates for Sony Ericsson S60 powered handsets

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Sony Ericsson S60 powered devices have problems that should inmediatly be fixed:
- The phone is slow, buggy and really unstable.
- All UI but Sony Ericsson multimedia menu and homescreen theme lack of kinetik scrolling and animations that are present on some S60 low-price phones.
- Compatibility problems with apps are huge. A lot of apps complain to be only compatible with Nokia phones, and PlayNow is a really small store that doesn't cover the apps needs of most users.
- The camera app uses a lot of memory and sometimes it complains to take pictures even being the only app running at the moment. Also, the video app lags a lot when recording in HD, and it just stops recording after a minute of two.
These are just some of the problems these handsets have, and they make great phones in the hardware really bad, offering one of the worst user experience in a smartphone ever seen, and they are the reason we think these handsets have to be updated with the latest releases of Symbian 3 and 4 to be able to enjoy all the features a phone with hardware graphic acceleration, a lot of RAM and a great processor can offer, and to make the system just as fast as other Sony Ericsson phones are.