Replace Proprietary BIOS with Coreboot in System76 Machines

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    System76, Inc.
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    FOSS Enthusiasts, Ubuntu users, or anyone that wants Coreboot in these machines.
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We the Undersigned would very much like to see System76, a distributor of GNU/Linux powered hardware, to begin shipping their machines with Coreboot as a replacement to the standard proprietary BIOS that are currently shipped in most computers. Proprietary BIOS are contradictory to the very nature of Free and Open Source software. We would like an alternative.

Coreboot ( is Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL, and would really tie in well with System76's dedication to the Free Software and Open Source communities. Coupled with their Ubuntu offering, it would finally provide a vendor willing to truly free their hardware at the deepest level. The importance of such an offering would be fantastic for Free Software enthusiasts around the world.