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After the success of Final Fantasy VII, Squaresoft decided to try something different with the FF series and decided to base an FF spin-off game which combines typical RPG elements among with the concepts of Tactical strategy. Square created a strategy/RPG game called Final Fantasy Tactics and was an interesting hybrid of both RPGs and strategy games alike. The game managed to combine the deep and epic storylines that were ever so present in RPG games along with the tactical strategy needed during battles. This game offers many new things to RPG gamers who were so familiar with other turn-based RPG games like FFVII and FFVI among many others. Not only that but Tactics was considered a pretty deep game in the minds of many strategy gamers as well due to the customizable Job System along with the usual battle grid. Square did a very good job in the development of FF Tactics in developing a very good storyline and the game had a wonderful musical score that can be easily considered as epic and had some interesting characters and extras to boast as well. Having Cloud to join your party is a cool sidequest and is an interesting FFVII reference to the game. The wide variety of Job classes and skills to learn makes the game quite fun and fans of Tactics will no doubt love to spend a lot of time building up their characters with different Jobs and abilities, which adds another level of flexability and customization within character management. Some other interesting features of Tactics is that you can relive scenes and past moments that you've completed in your save file in Tactics, meaning that if you want to see a dramatic scene that you recently finished, you can relive that scene again on the menu screen. The world map gives you pretty much free exploration throughout most of the game and there are some pretty interesting and unique sidequests to complete in the game itself, besides from the regular battles and developments in the storyline. The sheer variety in abilities and Job classes is what makes this game so great and causes hours and hours into character building and levelling up. The graphics and spell effects in this game are excellent, considering that this game was made back in 1997 and still hold their own today. Another good thing about Tactics is that there are a lot of characters in the game and party management is key throughout as some characters will leave and join your party at various points in the game and there is usually a limit of units to place per battle.

Gameplay-wise, Tactics plays much like a typical RPG game in which you can equip armor, weapons and stuff like that to improve your stats and defense as well as increase your attack power, etc. The battles take on the form of a grid and your characters can move a maximum of a certain amount of spaces on the grid, giving limitations and providing gamers to think of their formations and strategy during battles. This makes the difficulty of the game quite interesting and there is no longer straight foward hack and slash battles and strategy can mean the difference between defeat and victory. Square focuses on many different real-life Medieval themes in FF Tactics which is pretty interesting and goes well with the overall development and storyline of the game. Themes such as pride, honour, chivalry and betrayal are all present and the struggle of nobility and the poor is evident in this game. In terms of the game's length, it's pretty solid and it's not too short nor that long if you ask me. Overall, what really makes Tactics a wonderful game is that it comprises the best elements in RPG games along with the tactical strategy found in strategy RPGs as far as battling goes. This hybrid is done to near perfection in FF Tactics as the game offers everything from battle strategy to an epic musical score that would please any RPG fan in general.

Recently, Tactics became part of the PlayStation's Greatest Hits lineup of games and this move signified that Tactics was no doubt a popular game for the PSX. While Tactics didn't get that much recognition when it first got released, now that RPGs are more mainstream and a huge gaming genre in the industry, Tactics is rapidly gaining popularity and a lot of gamers are now willing to see a possible FF Tactics sequal or another game under the FF Tactics line in the future. Frankly, I believe that if Squaresoft put in the time and effort to develop FFT2, the game can easily be as successful, if not even moreso than the original FF Tactics. Sales of FF Tactics has been going quite strong and as the game gets more popular, more people would love to see another FF Tactics game on future consoles like the PS2 and all. Believe me, there is no question that Squaresoft will be able to see a good amount of copies of FFT2 if the game was ever developed and released, since Final Fantasy is a household name in Japan and it's rapidly gaining a lot of popularity and respect worldwide. Innovation and trying new things never hurt in the gaming industry and while Square is definitely trying to break into online gaming with FFXI, I believe it is still possible for the company to make FFT2 when the demand is there. Remember Squaresoft, it was your fans and userbase that made your company the big success that it is now, if the sales of your games in the past weren't good, then your company wouldn't be able to create million sellers after million sellers in terms of software. Square, you owe the fans a lot to your success and it would be greatly appreciated if you listened to their views. Squaresoft, you know what the fans want and I assure you that once you develop and release Tactics 2 for the PS2, every FF fan around the world, myself and your company will be happy. Frankly, your company will not suffer from this and the game will rake in more profits that will benefit your company altogether. Listening to your fan's biggest demands and concerns will no doubt make them perceive your company with a lot of respect and will generate into a larger userbase for your software. What is there to lose? I'm sure that your development teams have pride, honour and passion in developing great RPG games and if you continue to innovative and follow old traditions, Squaresoft will make the best RPGs in the market and always will be. Fan support is always key to success and by meeting the concerns and suggestions of your fans will be the way to future success and stability within your company. Squaresoft, why mess with a good thing? Your fans and supporters have made you one of the most elite developers in the gaming industry and your relationship with the fans would always be well received and appreciated. Don't change this. If you look at it, the PS2 has a great userbase and there are a few million gamers around the world who have played Tactics. FFT2 on the PS2 will not only please FF fanatics but maybe even casual gamers might give it a go. The original FF Tactics impressed many and was an excellent game. If the developers behind Tactics still had the passion and pride to make another game, then please consider the prospect of bringing FFT2 for the PS2. Most FF fanatics and gamers would like to see this happen, it would be another step in a new direction for Squaresoft. I mean, in the past Squaresoft made other spin-off franchises like FF Legend, etc. Why not continue the tradition with Tactics? So I would be very happy among with millions around the world if you guys decide to bring Tactics 2 over to the PS2. Please consider developing Tactics 2 for the PS2, I would be grateful and I believe it's one of the best PSX games ever made. Squaresoft, always remember your fans and never forgot what brought you to the top............

One concept for the graphics and gameplay department (utilizing the PS2 hardware) is that there will be one large world interconnected (something like FF X), where the battles will initialize seamlessly like FF X. One example is that if your party comes up, the enemies come from far, and thus the battle starts, and progresses similarly to FF Tactics. What I would like for more challenge is an Active Time Battle system, which will make it more interesting and challenging for gamers alike. In fact, the Zodiac Brave Story in Tactics is so deep and complex that it could easily pass for a real-life Medieval legend. That is how impressive the storyline was in Tactics.

Square, please develop FF Tactics 2 for the PS2 and continue to make great storylines and musical scores, along with new features in gameplay. Thanks.