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Gamers against the scrapping of Harker

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    Foundation 9 Studios
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Dear Foundation 9 -

We the undersigned fully understand and wish you nothing but the best in your efforts with Silent Hill: Homecoming. The series has a great deal of history behind it and is a fantastic opportunity for you to work with an IP of significant selling strength. Please in no way take this petition as sign that we want you to stop this endeavor.

However, you had a very good thing going with Harker. The gameplay was solid, the graphics were fantastic, and the story was a solid take on the vampire mythos. By no means should you scratch the hard work and effort that went into the creation of Harker once the SHV contract is over.

To achieve that purpose, this petition is to show the support of Harker and those gamers who do not want the IP scratched. Please take this to heart as you make your decision, and make a decision which inherantly supports and shows the desire of the people whom support you by purchasing your games.