Dont allow the destruction of its nesting grounds in Estero Morua, Puerto Peсasco, Mйxico

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Least tern: an endangered species.
Dont allow the destruction of its nesting grounds in Puerto Peсasco, Mйxico

To the community of Puerto Peсasco, its visitors and everyone interested in the environment:

Development in Puerto Peсasco is occurring in a chaotic way, with a total disrespect towards society, culture and the environment.

Tourism projects are showing a lack of responsibility when presenting their environmental impact statements to the national authorities (SEMARNAT). Poor information quality and inadequate mitigation actions are extremely common in these documents.

In this case, the tourist development The Pointe in Las Conchas proposes the construction of five 20 story buildings in the mouth of Estero Morua, a wetland famous for its beautiful scenery, high productivity, ecological importance and its key function during the Pacific bird migration.

The most important impacts that the proposed development could cause on the ecosystem are the destruction of one of the ten nesting grounds in Sonora for the least tern (Sterna antillarum), the reduction in the use of Estero Morua by migratory and resident birds due to landscape modification, a reduction in the water quality of the estuary and an increment in sedimentation within the estuary, causing channel blockage.

The least tern is a neotropical protected species both in Mexico and the US that migrates from Central and South America to reproduce and nest in sandbars in Mйxico and the US.

Apart from the environmental impacts, there are several social implications that will be caused if the project is approved, mainly caused by landscape modification and urbanization of a pristine site. The main implications would be the reduction of Estero Moruas potential for ecotourism, a reduction in the quality of the oysters because of the change in water quality and sedimentation, and the destruction of the peaceful environment that Estero Morua provides for its residents and visitors. All of these aspects will have a negative impact in the oyster-coops and ecotourism activities that depend on a responsible tourism to continue.

Through this petition we request the authorities to stop the destruction of this important ecological and tourist site that the community and visitors of Puerto Peсasco love and enjoy so much.

It is our responsibility as individuals and as a community to take care of our natural resources and biodiversity, especially when these resources are shared with other countries.