TRANSFORMERS score by Steve Jablonsky CD

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We, the undersigned, wish to make it be known to the appropriate agencies via our petition, that we desire a music compact disc containing as complete an album as is possible of the soundtrack orchestral score, composed by Steve Jablonsky, from the 2007 motion picture TRANSFORMERS. While we understand that such an album is said to be "in the works", we are tendering our request that no expense be spared in producing a top-quality CD befitting the magnificent work that Mr. Jablonsky has performed in not only contributing to an excellent film, but to a long-beloved fictional franchise also. Indeed, we believe that Mr. Jablonsky's score for TRANSFORMERS is a noble achievement in music as a complement to cinematography. Simply put: it's just too bloomin' beautiful to NOT be something that we can own and cherish! Therefore, we humbly ask that such a CD of Mr. Jablonsky's score for TRANSFORMERS be given the attention it deserves, and that it be made available for purchase as soon as is possible.