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Flowers in the Attic remake

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Some films shouldn't be remade, EVER, and some films DESPERATELY needs to be remade. And if there's any film that needs to be remade it's Flowers in the Attic.

The Flowers in the Attic movie was pure and utter camp. It was also a major flop. But most of all it was far from the book. The film literally butchered the classic book and destroyed all its true messages and themes. The actors didn't fit the characters at all. seventeen-year-old Chris was played by an actor who was twenty-seven at the time. Corinne was played by an Australian who didn't bother to drop her accent for the film.

The 1987 film had great promise, but failed to live up to anything but a horribly overacted camp fest shown occasionally on cable.

We believe that this film could be remade, this time staying true to the book with talented actors who fit the characters by both talent and looks. With your help we can make it happen. Sign the petiton and take us one step closer to our goal of getting a remake of Flowers in the Attic.