Ask Marvel To Publish The Final 'Nam

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We comic readers hereby petition Marvel to allow Doug Murray to complete the circle of life that he so delicacy started in the critically acclaimed comic, THE 'NAM. In this present-day period of heinous violence and graphic sexual situations in comics, nothing would be more uplifting than a one-shot or miniseries portraying one man's journey back to the location of his lost youth, Vietnam.

When asked whether he would be interested in writing a final chapter, Doug Murray exclaimed, "I'd love to do anything of the sort -- I have a Mark's return story laid out and ready to go. It would be fun to go back that way."

Publishing this story would not only benefit the author and the fans, but Marvel as well. The publicity that this can generate could be enormous. Veterans groups would write about it in their newsletters, newspapers could pick up the story. This is the type of "comics can be more than superheros" media coverage the comic book industry needs. And it's currently sitting in Marvel's lap.

The writer's support is there and we believe the public's support is there. We now hope to count on Marvel's support.

To do this we need to demonstrate to Marvel that there is public support for this project. Please sign this petition and tell as many other people that you know to do the same. Circulate the URL of this petition on as many on-topic message boards and e-mail lists as you can. Allow the world to know of the potential that is there. Of the story that waits to be told.

Allow closure for the soldiers of THE 'NAM.