The Princess Snugglebutton Experiment

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    People who like comedy
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Dear friends, humanitarians, and lovers of comedy,

A good friends of mine, one Timothy Duncan, has promised to have his name legally changed to "Princess Snugglebutton" if I can generate an online petition with 100,000 signatures. A monumental undertaking, to be certain. I, however, am a faithful and stout-hearted believer in the power of comedy.

As such, I submit to you this document, to which I urge you to attach your signature. Though you are taking the first step by reading these words, some of you may have reservations in going any farther. After all, this is a permanent change that he will quite likely regret doing, and it will cause him embarassment in the years to come. To these people, I offer the following assurances:

Tim is a douche. He deserves it.

Whether you are a follower of the power of comedy, or simply bored and mean, please sign this petition for the sake of all that is holy and just in the world. Though you may never have the pleasure to meet the man and laugh at the results of his foolishly-uttered words, I can assure you that your contribution will live on in Tim's name.

Yours most truly,
Lee Devlin.