Bring Trader Joe's to EAST Nashville

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Bring Trader Joes To EAST Nashville!

We, the undersigned, first want to thank Trader Joes for choosing to locate in the Nashville area. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to shop at a local Trader Joes store and to enjoy the high quality products and excellent prices you offer.

We now request that you choose the East Nashville area for your next location in Nashville. This vibrant community is home to an eclectic mix of professionals, musicians, artists, students and young families. With increasing affluence, walkable commercial districts, and a very successful and firmly established organic market, East Nashville would be a perfect fit for Trader Joes. Commercial and mixed use construction and revitalization is booming here, providing you with several properties to choose from.

Our neighborhood is centrally located, quite close to the growing downtown residential community, and provides immediate access to multiple interstates and state highways. East Nashville would also be a convenient location for Northside commuters to get their TJs fix.

Please, bring Trader Joes to EAST Nashville!

Thanks for your consideration.