Get rid of the new imdb layout!

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We the undersigned ask that you please get rid of this new design and stick with the classic layout.

To quote a poster on the imdb message boards:

"I am afraid I have to say it as well: I was horrified when this morning the new design came up. I had no idea a change like that was about to happen as I never visit the tech boards.

I, too, have been a user from the very beginnings of IMDb. For many years now it has been my start page in all of my browsers, at home as well as at work. At work I rely heavily on it for data and information, and I work with it every day. We actually have an IMDb Pro access in my office, but I have rarely used it, only if I needed some information that is available only there. However, most of what I myself have to research can be found on the normal version, and I never really liked the Pro look, so I stuck to working with the normal version. I think this was one of the best designed websites on the internet; simple, straight, easy to use, very very efficient in the way it presented its content. The few changes that happened over the years were okay, they improved the site, but the overall simple, clear and easy to use look always remained.

For me this has changed now; I find the new design horrible.

I haven't read the Redesign FAQ yet, I will if I find the time in the next few days. But to be honest, I really don't care about the technical aspects or other reasons behind the changes - as a user I rate a website solely by its the content and by the way in which that content is presented. And unfortunately I do not like this new way of presentation at all, and sadly, if the new design stays that way, I don' t think I will visit the site as much as I used to. I will still need to use it in my job, but I was always looking forward to working with it every day and I can't see this being the same with the new look. Therefore I will probably now go and look for some information on some of the other sites I use more or less regularly (probably more from now on).

And I surely will not use the new IMDb design at home as much as I used to. Often I used to just browse and reseach stuff for the fun of it, but this new design is so tiring to the eyes and at the same time boring, I don't think I want to spend any more time than necessary in front of it. There is something about the overall new look that just doesn't sit right with me - it sort of wants to look shiny and new and cool, but just looks without soul and somehow it seems that it was changed because someone said it *had to be changed*, when really there was no reason to (if it ain't broken...)."