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To whom it may concern,
This petition is the result of numerous e-mails and calls to TomToms customer service help-line requesting Linux software support for TomToms Home software. Despite the numerous e-mails & calls, TomTom has failed to provide support to its customers who use Linux.

Because todays computer user is more informed we exercise our right to install whichever Operating System (OS) we choose however, this choice can only be as successful as the support we have from hardware vendors.
We have supported the TomTom organization through our purchases, and all were asking in return is that you provide us with adequate software support. We chose TomTom because we saw an excellent product. Please give us a reason to continue seeing that.

Given the competitive nature of the GPS market, we feel its not too much to ask that you look out for your customers as we can just as easily switch GPS units as we did Operating Systems. If youre not willing to support your customers, somebody else will.