Wal-Mart Boycott-Live Animal Slaughter in Chinese Wal-Mart Stores

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    Lee Scott; President and Chief Executive Officer; Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
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In many North American Wal-Mart stores, pet supply sections have an area where photos and information about animals in need of adoption by loving families are posted.

The Wal-Mart website (http://walmart.com) boasts a large pet section, offering everything from pet strollers to dog clothing. In addition, American pet search and adoption services are available through Wal-Marts Very Best Pet Network. (http://www.verybestpetnetwork.com)

Unfortunately, Wal-Mart operates differently in China. While giving North American customers the impression that Wal-Mart cares about animals, they sell others for slaughter out of the sight of Western customers.

Live turtles and frogs are available for purchase at Chinese Wal-Mart stores. These animals are slaughtered while fully conscious, to satisfy consumers need for fresh food items.

"The last things the turtles see in the Wal-Mart megastore in northern Beijing are bright fluorescent lights, masked shop assistants and, if they crane their necks over the edge of their plastic container, a chalk board offering them for sale at the bargain price of 39,8 yuan (about $5) each.

Once that sum is paid, even their shells cannot protect them. They are whisked off to the in-store slaughter counter, where their necks are cut, their blood is drained and they are bagged and tagged ready for the checkout counter.

According to the shop assistant, a small minority of the 100 turtles sold every day could also expect a brief respite. A few customers like to take them home alive so they can play with them for a few days before making them into soup, she said." Source: Walmart Leads the Race for China by Jonathan Watts. Mail & Guardian Online (www.mg.co.za)

We are saddened and horrified that Wal-Mart would employ such barbaric, inhumane, and environmentally irresponsible practices. Many species of turtles have become critically endangered in Asia due to over-collection and human consumption.

We will not shop at Wal-Mart, Sams Club, or any other Wal-Mart owned division world-wide, until Wal-Mart chooses to act in a more environmentally and ethically responsible manner.