Tose Proeski on ESC 2008

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    European Broadcasting Union, Mr. Svante Stockselius
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We, the undersigned, the Fans of the Eurovision Song Contest, are starting this petition in order to pay a tribute to the tragically deceased singer Tose Proeski during the semi-finals or final Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade.

Tose Proeski was born in the city of Krusevo, Macedonia in 1981. His talent and his heartbreaking voice stole the hearths of all the Macedonians before he was 18. Soon, he became a huge star in every republic of former Yugoslavia. This war-thorn country was united again through his music and his never-ending humanitarian work. He had selflessly organized more humanitarian concerts than any other star. Tose was awarded a Mother Theresa award as well.

In 2004, MKTV chose Proeski to represent Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 in Istanbul, Turkey, and in February, and finished 14th with the song "Life", which was the English version of "Angel Si Ti. Prior to the contest he was popularised by reporters due to his tremendous opera singing ability, at his press conferences. In 2004 Proeski was named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, and recorded the song "This World" which became the UNICEF anthem. His latest album 'Igri bez granici' (Macedonian title)/'Igra bez granica' (Croatian title) ("Game without borders") was released all over ex-Yugoslavia in August 2007. Tose's last concert was held October 5, 2007 for the Primary Education Project for USAID. The concert raised tens of thousands of euros for the primary schools of Macedonia. The concert was attended by over 20,000 people and viewed all over the world.

During the early morning of 16 October 2007, around 6.20 am, Proeski died in a car accident on the ZagrebLipovac highway near Nova Gradika, Croatia. The Touareg crashed into the back of a truck and then into the median barrier, killing Proeski instantly, crushing the third vertebrae of the neck, although the truck sustained no damage. Proeski was asleep in the front passenger seat at the time of the crash. Of the other two passengers, only the driver suffered serious injuries (head trauma). After his death, the government of the Republic of Macedonia, gave him the title "Honorable citizen of Macedonia"

The government organized an official state funeral for Proeski, which was held 17 October 2007 in his home town of Kruevo, including military honour ceremonies by the Macedonian army and the National guard, such as a honor guard, a military orchestra and a honorary rifle salute. The funeral, which was broadcasted by the national Macedonian TV was attended by many domestic and foreign delegations.

The world is being deprived of such a great talent and we owe it to the world.I f you could dedicate one show in his honor, it would mean a lot to his fans all over the world. Thanks for making his dream come true!