Tales of Xillia Localization

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    Namco Bandai
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Dear Namco Bandai,

As we know that you guys are currently localizing Tales of Graces F on the PS3 for both the US and Europe territories, we think that that game and the 3DS version of Tales of the Abyss won't be enough to crave our taste for core fans and JRPG nuts, alike. In this statement, we are currently asking you to highly consider bringing Tales of Xillia to the US and European markets, too, because we would also like to experience the Tales franchise's 15th Anniversary since this game highly represents that cause.

Ever since you have been making the series more mainstream in Japan, we just feel you aren't being very consistent and up-to-date with all the other entries in the West. We want to see more of this series in the West because sales of JRPGs back this past decade have been very high in the West. It's not to say that the sales of the games in the series have been high in Japan because they are, but we think you guys should put in more emphasis to make it a bit more public domain with the gaming industry in both US and Europe. Please don't stray away from us since this year is a very special time for the series in both regions as Tales of Xillia will be another great entry for you guys to make if you just put in some really strong marketing and live up to your promises and not squander on them. That'll only create controversy with your company. Just do the right thing and let us have this game, please. You will gain newer fans if you devote yourselves to living up to your promises and expectations for the franchise in all regions because the series is a very strong IP to begin with. Thank you for your time, and we wish for you to give us good news about an official localization of this game.