For the Life and Health of People Living with HIV in Peru

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For the Life and Health of People Living with HIV in Peru

Latin America, October 7, 2011

Dear President Ollanta Humala Tasso:
The International Coalition of Treatment Activists (CIAT) is an international coalition of activists that fights for universal access for people living with HIV to education, medical assistance, and treatment. Together with our allies, national and international networks of people living with HIV, social and community organizations, and independent activists in the region, we wish to express our deep concerns about the negotiation process of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. This trade pact between the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Peru, and Chile demonstrates serious threats for access to medicines, seen most recently in the round of negotiations in Chicago in September.
We understand that the United StatesÂ’ tabled an aggressive proposal for the TPPA chapter on intellectual property. Among other measures, the US proposed the granting of second-use patents for new forms and uses of an already-known drug even if the invention does not enhance the efficacy of the product; they also called for compensation to be given to pharmaceutical companies for delays in the granting of patents for drugs as well as for the expansion of data exclusivity for new clinical trial data. These proposals, if implemented, would bring about the unlimited extension of pharmaceutical monopolies in our country, affecting competition, the introduction of generic medicines, general price increases for medicines and ultimately result in negatively affecting the life and health of thousands of people. In this sense, and given that the discussion will continue between October 19 and 29 in Lima during a new round of negotiations, we consider it necessary to demand of you and your government a:
strong position that stands up to the Agreement in harmony with the interests of the Andean Region and that supports unrestricted access to quality medicines for those who need them.
We believe that a trade agreement that favors new intellectual property regulations that go beyond both the terms negotiated in TRIPS and the United States Free Trade Agreement (FTA), harms the future for access to medicines for thousands of people in Peru and threatens not only the quality of their lives but also the potential of the State of Peru to comply with its promises on matters of public health, which in itself, would contradict its electoral campaign proposal to revise the FTA with the United States.

CIAT Regional Council:
Pablo Anamaria, Estela Carrizo, Oswaldo Rada, Walter Trejo, Santiago Jaramillo, Dayra Garcia Rodolfo Vargas, Yrene Aquino, Julio Cesar Aguilera
International Coalition of Treatment Activists