Save Tom the Treeman

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    City of Pinellas Park Manager Michael Gustafson
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Tenured employees who work hard and volunteer there time and efforts to making the city a better place for all to live deserve the respect of privacy.

Tom Parmentier is a good family man, and an employee with no prior discipline, above average employee evaluations, and a dedication not common in civil servants.

Discipline is something every Public Works department needs in order to maintain an effective workforce, however when that power is abused its debilitating effects on staff is immeasurable as we all know the Union has negotiated with the City of Pinellas Park a collective bargain agreement in order to keep with this agreement we ask you to consider returning Tom Parmentier to Active duty immediately and removing any mention of this incident from his personnel folder.

Please avoid a Rush to judgment, make the right decision, and avoid legal liability to the City and ultimately the constituents of Pinellas Park by returning Tom to work.