Starseige: Tribes on Wii

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Remember the Original 'Tribes' for the PC? Remember how good it was? Myself and plenty of other people sure do.

Remember the good old days when the original tribes made by Dynamix was modded by people out there and created legendary mods like meltdown, annihilation, shiter, renagades, etc.

Now imagine a new tribes game based on the principles of the original on the Wii with full all out action online 16player. Imagine how good it could be with the proper care for in terms of control. It would be absolute bliss! The Wii is designed for these sort of games, with it's new and innovative controller.

I would like to see a Tribes game made for Nintendo's Wii and I'm certain that I am not the only one who desires this thought coming true. So please, if your a fan of the original Tribes on Pc, please sign this petition so that we can hopefully see this fantastic game released on the Wii With a control scheme that WILL refresh the tribes series back to its glory days of the past so this new generation of gamer can experience what most of us of old grew up loving.