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We the undersigned, request the following:

1. You restore the Official PC TRON 2.0 web site message boards, that were recently closed down. Surely the cost of maintaining and moderating them, wasn't so prohibitive? It was the first place customers of the game would visit, to find answers to their technical support questions. Why shut down such a valuable resource, so soon after the release of the game? Some older titles - such as No One Lives Forever (also developed by Monolith) - have had their message boards continue to run, for far longer.

2. Several links be added back to the PC TRON 2.0 site. One of them should enable customers to easily download the latest patch for TRON 2.0. Because without this patch, owners are MISSING OUT ON AN ENTIRELY NEW DEATHMATCH GAME MODE. They also WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE THE MULTIPLAYER FEATURE. There should also be links to the TRON 2.0 fan sites: so that owners can find assistance, new maps, and other players to play against in multiplayer. Additionally, the link to the TRON 2.0 Editing Tools should be restored as well.

3. Additional editing resources and source code for TRON 2.0 be released. Customers will then be able to create better and more sophisticated maps or mods for the game, in order to ensure its continued longevity. This would be in BVG's own self-interest to do so: because having free community-made add-ons of high quality, could potentially help increase sales of the title.

4. That you create an expansion pack for the PC version of TRON 2.0 that fixes remaining bugs and contains most of the extras featured in the Xbox version of the game. (These include new multiplayer character models, new game modes, new weapons, and new maps.)

It would be relatively easy to port these features from the Xbox to the PC, since the platforms are so similar. Development cost to accomplish this, should not be a large concern. With so much already invested in the Xbox version, doing a port of these features to the PC is comparatively inexpensive. In contrast, the profit potential is great. A PC expansion pack sold at a reasonable price (say, approximately $20) would further help to recoup investments already made, in both titles.

The demand for such an expansion pack should be high with owners of the PC version, due to the greatly improved multiplayer game modes . . . which the PC version sorely lacks. These new multiplayer modes will breathe new life into the PC game.

Additionally, the expansion would help spur sales of the original game (for those who do not have it yet), further increasing revenue. Perhaps a bundle of the old and new titles could be offered at a reasonable price (less than $50).

There are still several lingering bugs and shortcomings in the PC game, which were not fixed with the last patch. Below you will find players who can attest to these, and describe them in detail.

We also request that certain specific features of the Xbox version that do not fit with the TRON universe, please not be included in the expansion. The background music from the band Breaking Benjamin is nowhere even close to being similar to the original Wendy Carlos soundtrack. And the Doom or Halo style of helmets used on the multiplayer characters not only look out of place, but reduce certain major and unique characters in the game to generic ones. Most would agree that these elements do not belong in the TRON universe, at all. They are not true to the spirit and vision of the original film.