Dakota Fanning should be cast as Jane in the New Moon movie by Summit Entertainment

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My sister and I had an epiphany! Dakota Fanning as Jane of the Volturi in the upcoming movie New Moon, sequel to Twilight based off the best selling novel by Stephenie Meyer. Dakota is a brilliant actress, fits the role perfectly, and shes just the right age to play Jane. The rest of the actors were wigged or dyed, so her hair wouldnt be a problem in our opinion. This is a petition for Summit Entertainment to consider Dakota for the role in the upcoming film. We believe she would be the perfect addition and would really bring the character of Jane to life.

A message to Twilight fans: If you agree that Dakota would be the perfect Jane, please sign my petition. I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment or join my Twilight community on Myspace. Thank you!