SOS Saint Bernard Dogs

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    stop dog and cat eating and brutal treatment
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We, undersigned, would like to express our deepest indignation in regard to breeding dogs for food, mainly Saint Bernard dogs (imported specially for this purpose over the last 10 years, as identified as most profitable meat dogs). These pacific animals, who have saved an important number of human lifes during several centuries in the Swiss Alps and are part of Switzerland's history and tradition, must not be kept in breeding sites and must not be used for food and even less being slaughtered in a painful way.

The most faithful friend of humans is already the victim of the fur traffic and laboratory tests, and does not have to be any longer the victim of brutal and inhumane and only profit minded people which seem to have lost all senses of values.

China cannot eternally apply such cruelty towards animals and be respectless towards life in general. This applies even more as your country hosting the Olympic Games 2008. We therefore ask all Chinese Ambassadors, to inform your government of our protest and our expectation for major change before the Olympic Games 2008!!!!