Time Warner Cable Customers (Rochester, NY) Stop The Cap!

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    Time Warner Cable Customers (Rochester, NY) Stop The Cap!
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To: Time Warner Cable Customers (Rochester, NY) Stop The Cap!

By the end of this year, Time Warner Cable (TWC) will be changing their unlimited Road Runner Internet service to a capped service in the Rochester service area. While this information was reported in the local news, Time Warner Cable has yet to notify its residential customers of this action and has yet to release clear and specific details. TWC has failed to notify its residential customers directly of their intention to make Rochester a test area for a potential capped service.

We will be given, according to T.W.C , a meter that will record our useage in order for each individual customer to determine what package will suit them best. Understand first and foremost that this meter will use bandwith on its own.

A TWC spokesman said: "We want our customers to download as much data as they want from wherever they want. All we ask is that they pay for whatever they consume."
Time Warner says testing has shown most people don't use that much data--so they won't have to worry about paying more. We Disagree and Say No to the Cap!

As consumers we say, give us more choice! In our area we have no real choices when it comes to High Speed Internet. Where are Comcast and Verizon Fios? Why are they not in our area to offer their services and provide us with a true choice?

A concerned customer in our area (Sean) has stated the following and we in our area should agree;

It is time to bring back the Net Neutrality Act that was previously killed off in congress.
The argument that TWC is using does not fit the current model for any Web Based technology.

Here are a few questions around it that should be asked:

1.) Are you guaranteeing the quality and stability of every download that occurs?
a.) If not, then will data usage count twice if a corrupted download occurs, because of possible hiccups even in TWC's equipment?
b.) If you are tracking these downloads so that back-to-back downloads aren't charged; how are you complying with all existing State and Federal Privacy Laws?

2.) How is TWC going to pre-emptively warn customers about the size of a webpage prior to them loading said page (IE a Website may Buffer a Video while the page is loading -- using more bandwidth than a Website that requires a click on a Video to buffer it)?

3.) What will TWC do to prevent Stolen Bandwidth? With a laptop, I can drive around Rochester and find an open network. To make the point, some people have no idea what they are doing when setting up a wireless network. People are now at risk of someone tapping into their network and stealing bandwidth and inflating their usage without their knowledge.

This list could go on and on, because as was stated earlier, all current Web Design do not account for a Data Cap system. People are starting to call for the Net Neutrality Act to come before Congress once again; and we feel all Senators and Representatives should push for this. Part of the way to bring our Country out of the situation we're in is to foster technological growth, not stunt it.

By signing this petition I am stating that I am either a Time Warner Cable customer or potential customer. I believe that this change is not in TWC customer's best interest and I will terminate service on Road Runner and quite possibly my other TWC services. I ask that Time Warner Cable reconsider the options on the table and to find a better solution to the issues they are experiencing which caused this possible change in the first place. To Time Warner Cable, we say Stop The Cap Now!