Dead or Alive 12" Collection

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To whom it may concern:

We are writing you regarding the Dead or Alive 12" Collection that was to have been released by Sony Japan recently. It has come to our attention that Sony may be considering, if not delaying the collection's release, then cancelling it altogether. Exact information has been difficult to come by, as we have read and heard several different versions of Sony's plans for this release.

As fans of Dead or Alive, we understand that compilations of Dead or Alive's 7" singles, in various mixes and guises, are already available, but up until the announcement of the 12" Collection release, there had been a frustrating lack of access to Dead or Alive's original 12" remix releases, other than through often exploitative online sellers commanding ridiculously inflated prices for the original vinyl releases, or worse, for bootlegged, pirated or falsely advertised merchandise.

That Dead or Alive fans have been willing to make what amount to financial sacrifices to obtain these remixes, in whatever form, demonstrates that there is, therefore, a considerable market -- amongst fans, collectors and, yes, the simply nostalgic -- for a legitimate, band-approved collection of the *original* Dead or Alive 12" remixes.

We urge you to consider following through with your original plans to release the 12" Collection, and we, the fans of Dead or Alive, the registered users and moderators of the Right Stuff, the official website for Dead or Alive, thank you in advance for your time and consideration.