HTC TyTN II Video Driver

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To whom it may concern,

The lack of ATI Imageon hardware driver support and the 7200 chipset driver support on the TYTN II is obvious. The TYTN II, which claims to be superior to most all current devices on the market, is lacking serious driver and hardware support when it comes to Video playback. In fact, anything that has to do with Direct Draw, Direct X and any fluid movement of pixels on the screen seems behave in an unacceptably slow manner.

Even the camera application that comes with the device slows down to such a slow frame rate that photos are not able to be captured, and cause videos to record and render slower than a sideshow. Videos captured from a third party source render faster on devices over 3 years older using slower technology.

There are many TYTN II owners experiencing the same exact results that have been briefly explained above. The lack of speed in rendering video or 3D content on the TYTN II seems to be a direct result of poorly coded and even missing driver support. If HTC is unable or unwilling to resolve this issue, please prove a full fledge SDK release so that phone owners can repair what HTC was unwilling or unable to do.

Thank You,

All TytnII/ATT Tilt/T Mobile MDA Vario III owners.