AW9D Max BIOS update

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We, your consumers, have some requests. First and foremost is that you AT LEAST provide FREQUENT motherboard BIOS updates for your enthusiast level products. Secondly, us AW9D Max owners are feeling very cheated and let-down. The last BIOS for the AW9D Max (1.5) is severely lacking in features and is a little bug-ridded. All AW9D Max owners want to see the following bug fixes and feature additions in a new BIOS (listed in order of urgency by the majority of AW9D Max owners).

- Some advanced memory timing options
- PCI-E maximum payload size issue fixed
- Firewire can't be disabled issue resolved
- Re-adding of the PCI-E frequency adjustment option
- Memtest IDE drive issue resolved (IDE optical drives disappear after reboot)

To see these issues discussed in detail and for you to be able to fully understand AW9D Max owner's dilemma there is a thread in your forums located here;