Equal Rights for Men in Marriage

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    Governor John Baldacci
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Men should be able to change their last names for marriage purposes with the same ease as women. Men must now pay court fees of more than $300 and advertise the name change in a newspaper. Women who choose to take their husbands name when they wed pay only a $50-$80 marriage license fee.

Thirty years ago many women did not have a choice to keep their own name. Weve come a long way, and its time to recognize mens equal rights to make important family choices. Its not about the money, its about the principle of families being able to make their own decisions. 67\% of families in America are "non-traditional" causing more and more engaged couples to debate on how they want their last names. Some couples choose to hyphenate their last names while in other couples, the husband chooses to take his wife's name.

At this time, only six states recognize a statutory right for men to take their wives last name. They are: Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Massachusetts, New York, and North Dakota.

We want Maine to jump on board.