Unity Center-Speak up for Moderation

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    Muslims of Michigan
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From: Muslims in SE Michigan and Members of th Unity center

To: Dr. T -Chairman, Board of Trustees, Muslim Unity center.

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Dear Dr. T

We, the undersigned , are American Muslim families who attend the Muslim Unity center and bring our children for recreation and education. We are alarmed the Muslim Unity center is no longer a welcoming and inclusive mosque. We fear that it is becoming an extremist-Wahhabi haven as more families feel excluded and the youth have no home at the mosque.

пї Please keep the Unity Center inclusive and diverse make everyone feel welcome.

пї Please affirm that the masjid is for all Muslims not just a small sector.

пї We ask you to affirm the universal, non-sectarian nature of the mosque

пї We call on you to affirm equality of men and women with equal rights and privileges.

пї We call on you to reaffirm that we welcome families as families and not to require segregation of the sexes in social functions.

пї Please stop focusing on women dress code as the key to heaven or the solution to the problems of the Muslim world..

пї Please ask your members to refrain from judging others, including the women who berate non hijabi young women - Allah is the only judge.

пї Please affirm to all members that this is an American Muslim Center that rejects hate or intolerance or any action that is against our commitment to America.

пї We call on you to join and collaborate with other Muslim communities and other faith groups to serve humanity.

пї We call on you to emphasize that the Muslim Unity Center honors the constitution of the United States as the guiding legal principle of the Nation and shall abide by all the applicable laws of the land.

пї Please affirm the commitment of the Board that the Muslim Unity center is not turning into a Salafi-Wahhabi mosque and will not become Masjid al-Dhirar

пї We ask you to sign this petition and ask all you board members to sign it. The world is watching our actions. Do not let the extremists hijack our Islam.


Michigan American Muslims